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Babs Jones

Babs Jones2

I really love training new Leaders on the basics of guiding, getting them enthused and started off on the right track. I also enjoy working with commissioners, mentors and trainers help them improve what they are doing to support adults. Topics such as leadership, communication, dealing with people meetings, team development, problem solving…

I am a Guide Leader so within the programme training that is my strength area but I can also add in simple music, using the outdoors and international across the sections.

I like to come up with a training to fit what you want so even if I have not listed your needs here  I might well be able to deliver it, I can always say no if it’s not in my range.

Basically, I’m a good all-rounder with several years of training experience with a Guide/Adult support slant.

I live in about the middle of the Region so a day training is viable just about anywhere and evenings within an hour drive of Ripon will fit in.

Get in touch with Babs through the Region office.

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