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Deborah Barker

Deborah Barker1

Well why would you want me to train for you?
Well, I think I have a good sense of humour which enables me to put FUN into a training session.
I strongly believe in the principles of Guiding and hopefully those are embedded into my training sessions with the enthusiasm I evoke through the session.
I am willing to train on; Brownie and senior section programme, the promise, behaviour management (looking outside the box), building your unit/leadership team, commissioners, finance/unit accounts, Go and Join Us, international, mentoring for leadership qualification and YL, planning large or small scale events, programme planning, risk assessments, safe space, taking your unit outdoors, working to support your young leaders.
I have been involved in guiding for over 33 years as an adult leader, I am a senior section and brownie leader, coordinate the Division mentoring team and am Division Brownie Adviser. I have held various roles in Guiding; District, Division and County Commissioner, and have been a member of various committees and working groups at HQ, NEE and County.
Oh I do work! I work for Local Government in Education currently Safe Guarding (MASH), seconded from “Looked After Children’s” Education promoting strategies and government guidelines. I have managed and coordinated various projects; Equality and Diversity in Education, school linking, community cohesion, the PREVENT strategy, governor and teacher training.
I hope that good quality trainings will support leaders to develop a well-balanced programme promoting good quality guiding.


Get in touch with Deborah through the Region office.

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