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Sharon Wallwork

Sharon Wallwork1

I am an enthusiastic Trainer who likes to get people involved in their session by either doing something or thinking about how they adapt or utilise the subject matter.

I am a great believer in different ways to learn and like to “mix it up” or even come at the “normal” from a different style.

I consider myself a flexible Trainer and love the challenge of something new, happily researching in and around subjects to learn the bigger picture and therefore help with the training.

I enjoy training over a weekend the most, working with a team of trainers to create and deliver a memorable and hopefully very enjoyable weekend (ninja learning included).

I do not mind travelling anywhere. I am a Brownie leader, new Guide leader and tea addict.

I train on Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Team Building. You are still thinking “ninja learning“ aren’t you? It’s making sure that learning is included without participants realising that it’s there.

Get in touch with Sharon through the Region office.

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