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1st August 2015 – Guest Blogger

Clemy Crowther


Introducing our first guest blogger Clemy Crowther from West Yorkshire South. Clemy is the Senior Section events co-ordinator for her County and is pursuing a career in event management. She was part of the back stage team at the Sheffield Big Gig in June.


I was involved with the youth participation team at CHQ and I got to meet some of the events team responsible for the Big Gig. I was really interested in the organisation of the Big Gig so I thought it was worth a ‘cheeky ask’ It took a lot of organising but I was privileged enough to help the back stage team on the day of the gig. The experience of going down to London by myself was such an eye opener. I felt like I fitted in very well with the events team.

Big gig 2 largeOn the day of the Gig in Sheffield, I was very excited but nervous at the same time, I didn’t know what to expect! I bumped into Jill Webb Deputy Region Chief Commissioner and we shared the excitement.

When I arrived, I was showed around the arena and where I would be working on the day. My roles were to prepare the artists changing rooms, ensure they all knew exactly where they were going and who was on stage at the right times.  I saw a lot of units from my County which was amazing and to see all the girls in the arena just was unbelievable!

During the gig, I had to ensure the artists next on stage were all lined up and ready to go and knew when to go to the press room for their interview with two members of the Senior Section. Making sure the changing rooms were clean and everything the artists needed were in the right changing room was an essential part of the day. I was very professional throughout the day as it was important the artists and their team felt at ease. I learnt a lot from the whole experience as I realised exactly how much work goes into preparing for the Big Gig and ensuring all the staff and artists were kept happy.

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I definitely feel this experience has helped with my career as an event manager. The memory will stay with me for life – I am still buzzing!


Clemy Crowther

West Yorkshire South



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