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2017 ICE Weekend Final Challenge

11 excited Guides arrived bright and early at Leeds Bradford airport. After a quick goodbye to parents they boarded the plane to Belfast.
Monday saw them up bright and early and heading to the foodbank for the first part of their community work.

The girls were given a tour around and were able to pack up some of the food bags. They then had to weigh the bags to make sure that they had provided enough food. They were then given a budget and a list of things to buy that the foodbank was running out of. Challenged with buying as much stock as they could while keeping in their budget, turns out the girls have a good eye for a bargain!
That afternoon they went gorge walking in the stream in ‘Lornia’ but instead of entering through a wardrobe they had to climb through a tractor tyre. There were lots of magical creatures in Lornia, you said hello to the good fairies and hid from the bad ones. If a goblin came along you had to freeze on the spot or they would throw a bucket of water at them! The girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves but were grateful for a warm shower afterwards.

On Tuesday the girls quite literally got their hands dirty working on the onsite farm at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum. They moved a sow and her piglets to their mudpatch so they could clean the pen, fed the goats, cleaned the goose house and brushed the horses.

After lunch the girls had time to explore the museum and experience what life might have been like in the Victorian period. After a trip to the old sweet shop they headed back for a campfire.
The final day of community work was with the Wetlands Trust at Castle Espie. The girls were challenged with clearing a shingle beach of all the unwanted plant life that had grown there over the spring.

They didn’t manage to clear the whole beach (it was massive) but they did clear a sizeable area! The girls were then involved in a scientific study of the pondlife. They had to collect a sample from the pond and then identify and record what creatures they had caught before releasing them back to where they had found them.

The favourite creature was the newt tadpole. The next task was to sort the branches that the staff use to do den building with school groups into the different size groups. As a reward for their hard day’s work the girls were able to feed the ducks.

After a guiding traditional breakfast of eggy bread, the girls went to tackle the high ropes course, a cube of obstacles 5 metres up! Every girl did amazingly and all of them got both feet off the ground with some going up to the top level of around 7 metres high. Feeling very proud of what they accomplished they came back for lunch before they all headed off into Belfast for an open top bus tour.

As it was the last evening they had a celebratory meal at Frankie and Bennies

The girls were sad to be leaving, knowing that this was their last ICE adventure.  The Leaders  really enjoyed looking after the girls and seeing them develop through their ICE experience.