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Baden Powell Adventure on the James Cook Yacht 27 – 29 June 2014

When I was presented with the idea of doing a BP adventure, I had never imagined a bright yellow yacht. As far as I knew, it would be a day at the Sheffield Outdoor Activities Centre, or maybe a small weekend camp. But when my guider sent me an email detailing all of the different BP adventures that were available my eye was immediately drajamescookjune20141wn to a weekend-long expedition sailing a 70 foot long yacht. What’s not to like? We arrived in North Shields on the Friday and set off to Blyth (which, as far as I can tell, is a beach and an ice cream shop. Sorry any Blyth residents out there) on the Saturday. The trip should have been about 10 miles but, due to the wind directions, we had to sail at an angle to the wind. Basically we sailed in a triangle rather than a straight line. This meant the journey was about 22 miles and took about 4 hours, which was a long time to be sailing, but was great anyway. Highlights included watching a dolphin play by the side of the boat, which was amazing despite feeling seasick! jamescookjune20142 Sailing back on Sunday morning was a much shorter and much less choppy journey than the day before. We cleaned up the boat then undertook the extremely stressful task of folding up one of the sails. Imagine folding up a wet tent. It’s like that – except worse. However, the trip as a whole was incredible. Everyone on the boat came away with loads of amazing memories, such as falling out of triple-layered bunk beds, a particularly violent game of spoons on Saturday evening and being woken up at 8:30 in the morning by the Lion King blasting through the boat. Thank you to NEE Guiding for organising it, and if you get the chance to sail on the James Cook – take it!