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Baden Powell Adventure – Sailing the James Cook Yacht

September 2013

Report 1

We arrived at Royal Quays at six o’clock, ready to join the crew on the James Cook.BP Sailing Sept 2013 1

We met the crew and sat down and discussed where we were going and the rules of the boat while eating our dinner of sausage and mash.

Then we were split into groups. Each group went with a crew member and learnt how to tie knots and handle the sails.

Soon after we set sail for Newcastle, down the Tyne towards the Millennium Bridge. Once we came out of the quay the skipper, Grace,  asked us who wanted to use the radio to say who we were and where we were. Of course nobody wanted to do it so I volunteered.

After arriving in Newcastle we tied up the James Cook and then it was time for bed as it had turned midnight.

After a slightly rough night we got up at seven and ate breakfast. Today we were travelling back down the river Tyne and sailing in the North Sea to Hartlepool.

Sailing down the River Tyne we got the chance to steer before lunch, steering around other yachts and ships.

I would not advise eating soup before sailing on the sea as no matter how strong you think your stomach is it is not a good idea.

Provided with orange buckets for sea sickness, only two guides and one leader did not need the comfort of them. If you are unlucky enough to have needed the orange bucket then at the end of your trip you get to sign the bucket with your thanks for their help throughout your weekend.

It was not until nearly seven o’clock that we arrived in Hartlepool. We tied the yacht up and took the sails down.

It had been a rough day and everyone was tired and so straight after dinner everyone was in bed and asleep.

When we woke up on Sunday everyone was worried about another rough day at sea on our way back to the Royal Quay. But it was a nice day, windy but the water was not swelling like the day before.

We set sail almost straight after breakfast and everyone got to steer. We didn’t realise just how windy it was until we read the chart saying it was 50 knots.

We arrived back in at the Royal Quay at one o’clock and then it was all about folding and storing the sails, scrubbing down the tables, toilets and kitchen. After three hours of cleaning we sat down for lunch of jacket potatoes and received our badges and certificates. We had completed our Baden Powell adventures!

I felt I had got a sense of achievement from the weekend. After never being sailing before I now know how to tie an Oxo and several types of knots. I have improved my team work and learnt the importance of a bucket!

Rhiannon Parker-Nicholls

Easingwold Guides


Report 2

On Friday 13th September four girls from 1st Easingwold Guides and now 1st Easingwold BP Sailing Sept 2013 2Rangers – Annie Wells, Hania Ellingham, Rebecca Dixon and Ellie Emsley completed their Baden Powell Challenge Award on a sailing adventure.

Girlguiding North East England organised this adventure to celebrate their achievement at completing the “ultimate award” for the Guide section showing their commitment to Guiding.  They wanted the girls to try something completely new and very exciting, meet Guides from other units and discover what further opportunities were available in Guiding.

They arrived at Royal Quays Marina, near Newcastle ready to embark at 1600hrs on a chartered 21 metre ketch owned by the Ocean Youth Trust called James Cook.

The guides thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and learnt how to steer the yacht, set the sails and navigation skills.  They realised that they had to work hard and be fully involved in everything as sailing is all about teamwork.  Some experienced seasickness which they thought was pretty inevitable (especially sailing on Friday 13th)!!

The James Cook had a permanent fully qualified skipper, mate and watch leader and there were 2 Girlguiding North East England Leaders on board too.  All enjoyed preparing meals. The cockpit at the stern (the back end of the boat) was an amazing place to see the North Sea coast line – all crew members took it in turns to steer the boat on a weekend of pretty good weather – on the first night up the river Tyne to the Millennium Bridge near the Sage, the Saturday down to Hartlepool and Middlesbrough and the return journey on the Sunday.  To make it even more special the Guides enjoyed the experience of the buzz from the Athletic Championships, the Great North Run and the Red Arrows.

Below deck was the saloon and sleeping quarters.  The saloon had plenty of seating and table big enough for everyone.  Time spent below deck was as much fun as the sailing experience and was where the whole team had briefings together, chatting about plans for the voyage, cooking and eating together.  The crew slept below deck in an area at the front of the yacht.

All the crew arrived back into the Royal Quays on Sunday at 1600hrs windswept, tired and with full satisfaction of a truly remarkable and most memorable weekend in their Guiding calendars to date!!  Next – The Queens Award…….

Annie Wells

1st Easingwold Rangers

3rd October 2013