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BP Adventure – Steaming Ahead

Girls from the region came together to complete their BP challenge with an adventure on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

From the girls feedback they said that they liked meeting new people and making new friends,
getting to do things they don’t normally do, cleaning the steam train and other tasks on the railway.
It was a unique experience that they couldn’t do elsewhere and learnt how the steam train worked whilst doing typically ‘male’ jobs and it made them more independent. There were lots of different and interesting things to do and it was good to discover what’s available next.

The girls measured a frame already made and the horizontals and uprights for the new frame. They were taught how to use a work bench to hold the wood and the saw as a set square to draw horizontal and vertical lines along which to saw. They were taught how to ‘get the saw going’ and then to continue sawing along their line with the comment ‘you pay for all the saw so use the entire length’ and not just a small bit in the middle. They were taught how to recognise a drill bit for wood and how to drill holes and counter sink them. They were helped as they used the drill to drive in the screws (which were about 4 inches long). They used a set square to check their frame was rectangular and then marked the cut lines for the diagonal beam, cut it and screwed it in place (with help) having first made the counter sunk holes (remembering to avoid the vertical screws in place).


Comments from the girls


I enjoyed the activities today at the engine sheds and participated in various activities such as cleaning trains, fence painting and ‘workshopping’ in the sheds using many tools and equipment. It was an amazing experience! – Amelia, 4th Cottingley Guides

Proud to have made friends! I knew one person before I came but I’m usually awkward with makeing new friends – Mary, 4th Cottingley Guides


It helped to build my confidence meeting new people – Bethany, Crook Guides

I really enjoyed the day at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, especially seeing the trains running and cleaning the big locomotive. It was interesting learning about all the separate parts and how they work – Ellen 2nd Poppleton Guides

I enjoyed cleaning a locomotive because you actually got to climb on the train – Eve 1st Church Fenton Guides

There was a really wide range of skills involved and it was nice to learn about male dominated professions – Molly 1st Tadcaster Guides

Everyone is in the same situation of not knowing others, so it is nice to be sociable. It’s nice to do things that you would not normally get the chance to do – Katelyn 10th York Guides

A little treat away from society, you have to reconnect by talking – Charlotte 1st Roundhay Guides

It was a unique weekend get away with experiences I will remember like cleaning the locomotive – Poppy 57th (Fulwood) Guides

It was fun to experience new things and learning what was used to clean the locomotive – Shivani 2nd Poppleton Guides

I enjoyed doing the woodwork at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway because I found it interesting and it will be important for later life – Emily 2nd Poppleton Guides

I enjoyed cleaning the locomotive and getting to see the inside of the steam train along with being on the pressure plate – Laura 2nd Poppleton Guides

I really enjoyed working in the engine shed as it’s something I have never done before. I thought it was really interesting and I would never have done this if it wasn’t for the BP trip. Thank you – Laura 17th Barnsley Guides

I enjoyed the steam train/railway day doing tasks on railways that I have never experienced before – Abigail 17th Barnsley Guides