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A day sailing on the Black Diamond


The Adult Day Sail 2016 took place on the Black Diamond based in Hartlepool on 30 April. Below is a summary of the day from one of the participants, Lindsay Monaghan.

After meeting at the marina and cup of tea and safety brief on board, we learnt how to prepare the yacht’s fenders and mooring lines for sailing (some of us learning the round turn and two half hitches in the process), we donned our sailing kit and life jackets and left the marBlackDiamond1ina through the lock gates.  Once out of the harbour and in the bay, Calvyn, the Black Diamond’s Skipper explained the importance of the navigational instruments in the cockpit and particularly emphasising the importance of the depth of the water and rate of knots we were sailing at.  We set the main sail and each took a turn at the helm, circling the bay a couple of times.  There was one problem however, there was very little wind (but we did have snow)!!


After some lunch and many, many ginger nut biscuits, the wind picked up, sun came out and we were soon sailing at six knots and tacking around the bay each one of us having a specific job to do.  Due to the tide we were unable to return to the marina at the end of the day, so insteadBlackDiamond2 moored alongside a fishing vessel in Old Hartlepool and helped the Skipper put the main sail away and tidy the yacht for the evening.  Reluctant to leave the new friends we had all made, we spent the next couple of hours with the Skipper relaxing in one of the bars in the Marina…discussing our next passage on the Black Diamond.


Lindsay Monaghan

Unit Leader

1st Barnard Castle Rainbows