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ICE Briefing weekend

ICE- Briefing weekend

This year’s briefing weekend took place at Holme House in the rural setting of Grosmont. There were 11 girls in total with one of them arriving Sunday morning after being in a show the night before; it was lovely to see such commitment!

The girls arrived on Friday evening, with not too many getting lost, and were met with an evening of fun ice breakers, hot dogs and of course a film. As much as I’d like to say that the girls got an early night I’d be lying! As guides do they stayed up until 1am, but it felt much later to we three leaders!!!

Surprisingly most of the girls were up early the next day much to the Leaders pure delight… we later set a rule of no noise before 7:30!!! Saturday brought a packed day. The girls were asked to choose which activities they would like to do at Lorne and to pick a theme. They decided on Ireland and were then split into their 3 groups for chores and challenges; Leprechaun, Rainbow and Pot of Gold. Within these groups they were asked to come up with some expectations they had of the leaders and of themselves, we then created a final list using their lists of what is expected and some sleep guidelines, no one wants grumpy leaders! Their expectations for us seem quite easy to keep to: Food, water and no grumpiness. The girls also decided the menu choices for our week in Belfast with a combination of healthy choices such as pasta salad and Taco Tuesday.

We all then walked down to Grosmont station to catch the train to Whitby for the day. Much to the girls disappointment we were going on the normal train and not the steam train. The girls had a fun day in Whitby, much helped by the glorious sunshine! Lunch in the park was followed by most of the girls (and maybe leaders) rolling down the hill before a quick run around in the adventure playground to let off some steam. After lunch the girls were given a list of items to find and take a photo of including the 199 steps and the pirate grave in the Abbey graveyard. Sweets were bought and the harbour was paddled in, but not by many as the water was freezing! We then started to head back to the station to return and enjoyed ice creams and ice lollies just as the heavens opened. Luckily we had reached the cover of the station so we stayed nice and dry. Back in Grosmont the girls were able to see the steam train leave the station; I think this made up for not being able to go on it!

Back at Holme House there was time to dry off and relax; typically it rained again just as we were walking back. The girls enjoyed a game of Pig (a card game) and learnt about sustainability in rural communities from one of the leaders Lauren as part of her Queens Guide award. Then it was time for tea, we had sweet and sour stir fry followed by chocolate swiss roll and ice cream, as you can imagine there were hardly any leftovers! The girls started watching another film but by 10:30 all but one was in bed and fast asleep, I’m still not entirely sure how she lasted for the whole film.

The next morning the girls were a lot more energetic after a longer night’s sleep and we were joined by the last of our 11 girls just as we were finishing our eggy bread breakfast, it wouldn’t be camp without it! The girls packed their bags and then started cleaning and putting away everything from the weekend. We then went on a walk along the old railway line which is now a public footpath and did our bit for the community by litter picking. It was great to see how little litter there was.

All in all the girls seemed to really enjoy themselves and we are looking forward to taking them away in August!!!