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Land in the Lake


On Saturday the 18 June four lucky Sixers from Alne Brownies went to Carlton Lodge for a one night camp, and I was lucky enough to be one of them! This was organised by a lovely lady called Rachel who is our Division Commissioner and there were 3 other units there as well, that meant there were 40 Brownies all together. The camp was called ‘Land in the Lake!’

We tried aimg_2904 mix of new things, problem solving, raft building, giant zip wire and bush craft to finish off with. I really enjoy
ed it and didn’t want to go home at the end. The weather was brilliant for us and it only started spitting with rain when we were heading home! img_2943
There was an amazing group of ladies who did all the cooking for us. I thought the food was great and that they had lovely hot-chocolate! Here are some of the foods we ate, hot dogs, toast, eggy bread, tasty sandwiches and a lot more!

As we arrived, it was straight to work, putting up our tent and sorting out our kit. After enjoying delicious hot-dogs we all sang songs around the campfire. When we got back to the tents we drank some great hot chocolate. It was bedtime after that but we found it quite hard to get to sleep! Our Brown Owl (my mum) slept in a tiny tent next to us so we had a whole tent to ourselves!

For the problem solving task, which was our first activity the next morning, I was mixed with another unit and my lovely friends. Every group had an instructor and ours was called Adam. He was so funny and always made us laugh! We all had to work together and that meant us talking! We had fantastic fun and I thought it was great doing that one first as it meant we weren’t as shy.


Next it was raft building in the lake. We had to make our own raft using wooden planks, ropes and barrels. Once we had finished that it was time to get wet! We had a race with the other raft and we won! Then naughty Adam told us to stand up on our raft, and paddle to him….. and he pushed us in! Very cheeky!

After that it was time for a bit of nerves! The giant zip wire! We had to climb up an enormous pole with handles on to reach a platform, and once we were up we met another instructor. He clipped us on to the zip wire. I asked to go upside down! It was quite hard but I managed. It was so much fun! Then I even managed to let go, so I was just hanging in my harness! One of my friends tried to go upside down but couldn’t! It was quite funny!

Sadly, after that it was our last activity. Bush craft. We collected wood and made fires using a flint and steel. I loved it! We also built shelters and toasted marshmallows over the hot ashes of the fire. So yummy!

I had an amazing time at Carlton Lodge and really didn’t want to go home. I even got a ride in a wheelbarrow before being chucked out of it! I came back with lots of bumps and bruises, but that shows I had a great time! Thank you so much Rachel, cooking team, Adam, Brown Owl and all my Brownie friends. Thank you so much.
By Eve Hewison (Age 10)