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Jigsaw Camp 2018 FAQ

Who is it for?

  • Guides and members of the Senior Section camping for the full week
  • Brownies camping for three nights (either at beginning or end of the week)
  • Rainbows having a 24 hour camping experience.  Up to 30 Rainbows at a time will have their own special subcamp with their own special activities. This will be repeated several times during the week
  • Trefoil Guild members

What are the camp fees?

  • Guides and members of the Senior Section – £250 for full week
  • Guide and Senior Section Leaders within camp ratio *- £140 for full week
  • Brownies – £120 for three nights (Sunday – Wednesday or Wednesday to Saturday)
  • Brownie Leaders within ratio *- £70 for three nights
  • Rainbows – £250 for a group of 5 Rainbow and 2 Leaders (starting Sunday maximum 24 hours)
  • Staff members – £95 (including DofE and QG service)
  • Trefoil Guild – £180 for full week (tbc)
  • Children of Leaders: 0 – 5 years – £30, 5+ years – £80
  • International visitors – £250

*adult ratios should follow GIRLGUIDING camp ratios which are as follows:-

Brownies – Maintain an adult to child ratio of 1:6 with at least three adults present, or two at the Commissioner’s discretion.

Guides – Maintain an adult to child ratio of 1:12, with at least three adults present, or two at the Commissioner’s discretion.

Can we bring extra adults?

Adult ratios for the camp should follow the Girlguiding camp ratio guidelines as above.  If you would like to you can include 1 additional adult in your party (at the cost of £140), though any more than this would be expected to sign up as a staff member on the service team. Your leadership team could each take a turn as a staff or service team member for a day or two, you don’t have to draw lots as to who does a full week unless of course they would like to. A camp of this size takes a lot of people to make things happen so please help out where possible.

Is this camp value for money?

We have compared our prices to other similar events planned for next year and feel we are very competitive in what we are offering for the week.

We also looked at how much parents would expect to pay for childcare for a week and find that actually on a daily rate we are much less expensive than other alternatives, and when you factor in the reality of activities all day every day, safe, tried and tested providers and a fantastic guiding experience – yes we are extremely good value!

When do bookings open and close?

Bookings will open in September 2017 and close on 28 March 2018.

When do I need to pay?

A deposit of £100 per person will be needed with the booking.  The payment schedule can be found in the booking Terms and Conditions.

*if your bill is less than £100, payment in full on booking will be required.

What is included in the camp fees?

All activities and food. For those staying the whole week, we will also provide coach transport for a day off site.

Can I join in even though I am not a Unit Leader/won’t be bringing girls?

Oh yes please! We need many people some with specific experience and many just with a willingness to have great fun while doing essential work. There is a staff booking site which you can use to join the camp and give an idea of the area you feel you can best support, you can find it here.

Activity Staff – perhaps offering to lead something you are skilled at or making sure that there are enough adults to help by going on transport to an activity or supporting something on site, or perhaps just being an activity Gopher.

Site services – you may have a trade or skill that will be vital to the success of the camp: plumbing, electrics and traffic management come to mind. We also need an army of fit and healthy adults to do the essentials – yes this is waste and toilets but it can be really good fun to work with a team for the week getting out and meeting campers. There will be a need for people to take a turn in the Restaurants tent, serving food, and wiping tables, checking washing up is done.

Can I help at any age?

The key thing is to be fit enough as the site is large and traffic free. If you do have a disability you are still welcome, but be really honest about what you can manage so we can give you a role which is suitable.
The service teams will mostly be members of Girlguiding over the age of 18, but scouting members and friends of Girlguiding are welcome to apply.

My girls want to come but I can’t commit to the whole week

That’s fine – you can split the week with a colleague as long the correct ratios are maintained for your group through the week.  Do this by booking one adult Leader place and then contacting the office with details of who will be taking that place and on what day you will be swapping over.

I have girls who would like to go but none of the leaders can commit

Ask around and see if there are any units going in your District/Division/County that the girls could buddy up with. If there are no units then please contact the office.

I’m doing my D of E Gold or Queens Guide Award…

Great – come and do your residential with us!

Do I need a Going Away With license?

No, if you do not have a license, you can still attend with your unit. We are looking at options of offering an opportunity to complete the GAW scheme (modules 1 – 4) whilst at camp.

Do I need to sort out food for my girls?

No, all food will be provided in a central marquee with a professional team of caterers – all special diets can be catered for as long as you tell us in advance.

Leaders’ children

There will be no crèche facilities at the camp, and there is no programme planned for leaders children either. The child rate covers the cost of the food. If they want to join in activities the rate would be the rate per person for the weeks stay.

What do we need to bring?

Yourself, your personal belongings and enough tents for your group.

What facilities are on site?

At the moment, nothing!  We are building our camp from scratch on a green field. We will provide toilets, showers, marquees, catering tents, a camp shop and all the supporting services to make this a fun camp to come to.

Will all sections have the same programme?

There will be common elements such as opening and closing and some evening activities but the programme will be age appropriate and so there will be differences.

When must I decide?

It helps us to have an idea of numbers soon.  Booking opens in September and closes on 28 March 2018 – or sooner if the camp is fully booked.

There is a payment plan available, and the sooner you book the smaller the deposit you will be required to pay, so booking early will help you to spread your payment.

Will there be a bar for adults?

No we have decided this will be a “dry” camp with no bar and an expectation of no alcohol on site. We are very close to Helmsley so if you really need to escape and have no responsibility to look after children at a particular time you can of course go into town.


We will add to this list as questions come in.  If there is something you want to know that is not answered here please email us.

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