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Jigsaw International Camp

Dear Leaders

As you will be aware the closing date for Jigsaw was 28 March 2018. The numbers that have booked on to the event are considerably less than we wanted and needed to run the camp.

The trustees, having looked at the event budget and plan, have sadly had to take the decision to cancel Jigsaw.

Realistically the camp is not viable with the numbers and would have made a huge loss for the region. Not only that, you would not get the large, exciting international camp that we aimed to deliver. We have looked at several alternatives including a different venue and scaling back the camp. However, these ideas are not going to work and wouldn’t give you what you signed up for and what campers were expecting.

I appreciate this will be a shock for you and extremely disappointing for your girls and for this I am really sorry. I can assure you we are feeling the same, the volunteer planning team who have been working on this for 18 months are just devastated.

The priority just now is to let you know the situation and get monies refunded.
Refunds will be made by BACS, please send us details of the account into which you would like it to be paid (this should be a guiding account unless it was for an individual booking). We will then confirm the amount we have received, and we will advise when the refund will be made, we will aim to complete this within 21 days.

If you have already incurred other costs, please recover what you can from your supplier. Should your unit be out of pocket for any reason, please supply full details to the office for consideration. If you have any questions about this or any other aspect of the cancellation, please email We anticipate that we may have many enquiries so please bear with us while we work through them.

The trustees, county commissioners and wider region team will of course look to learn lessons from this over the coming months. I am away now for a week but on my return, I will make it a priority to plan a debrief and learning from this with the trustees and planning group as a matter of urgency and with the county commissioners at our next meeting in June.

The trustees have a duty to act in the best interest of the charity and sometimes this involves taking tough decisions. This has not been done lightly and I hope you understand why this decision has had to be made.

Yours in guiding

Alison Gordon
Chief Commissioner Girlguiding North East England