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Robotics Challenge

6th Monkseaton Guides Tomorrows Engineers Robotics Challenge Journey

So, it all started when our leader Chrissy put us forward to take part in the challenge. Everyone in the unit was offered to chance to take part.

The start
It started with eight of us going for a great learning day at the Discovery School in Newcastle. Here we had a go at building Lego robots and programming it for a race!
We found some of us liked the building and some of us liked the programming best. We also became quite attached to our robot.

Sharing with the unit
It was important to leaders that everyone in the unit got to take part in this some way so the next week at guides we had a robot building session with the whole unit. The girls who had been on the learning day shared what we had learned and together we built and programmed two robots. It was a bit crazy with everyone wanting to have a go.
To start getting us ready for the challenge we had a night in which we split into three groups and completed three challenges-
Build a robot- each group had 20 minutes to build a robot to complete a challenge. Ours was to make a robot to sing Christmas song and dance. It took us a while to work out how to programme it to sing, we were so pleased when it finally worked.
Think about humanitarian aid and engineering – each group had a different topic to produce a poster, to help us prepare for the presentation. Ours was to think about the different issues which the world is facing. We used newspaper to help us see what has happened in the world.
Design our own robot of the future- Each group had to design a robot of the future to help in a different area of our lives. We chose school, so we designed our robot to carry our bags. We made a model from some boxes and had to make a short film presenting it.

Robot Christmas party
A small group of us came together for a party in the Christmas holidays. We played a few Lego games. The leaders seemed to really enjoy musical Lego bricks in which we had to steal Lego from each other (they won). We also played a game of Lego building Beatle (rolling dice to get the bits you need) and had a teamwork challenge of building a Lego model using one hand, which took loads longer than we thought it would! At the party we designed and built our speed robot. We made two different designs and raced them. The fastest of the two is the one we are going to use on the challenge day.