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Flamingo Fling – FAQs

Who is it for?

Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Senior Section, Leaders, unit helpers and Trefoil Guild (basically everyone from aged 5+).


What are the ratios?

Rainbows 1:5, Brownies 1:8, Guides 1:12, Senior Section N/A.

(See below for ratios if staying overnight).


Do we have to stay overnight?

No, you can come on either the Saturday or Sunday as a Day Visitor and will receive an event badge.


Do the fees include transport?

No, you must arrange your own transport to and from the event and be responsible for any costs. We recommend units get together to share transport and perhaps Districts, Divisions or Counties could look at putting transport on.


How much does it cost to come as a Day Visitor and what time can we arrive?

Girls £20, Leaders within ratio £15, Leaders outside of ratio and Trefoil Guild Members £20. You can arrive any time after the park opens to the public.  The park opens at 9.30am with the rides opening at 10am.


Will food be provided for Day Visitors?

No, you will need to either bring a packed lunch or buy food at one of the many outlets.


What are the options if we want to stay overnight?

There are two options available to Brownies, Guides, Members of the Senior Section and Trefoil Guild who wish to stay overnight, either camping or staying in a holiday home. Rainbow units can apply to take part in the Rainbow Rally at Flamingo Fling, please see the separate Information Sheet for further details.


How much is the camping option and what does it include?

Girls £55, Leaders within ratio £45, Leaders outside of ratio and Trefoil Guild members £55. This price includes entrance to the park and zoo for two days, Saturday evening buffet tea and entertainment, breakfast on Sunday, camp fees and an event badge.


What are the ratios for camping?

Brownies 1:6, Guides 1:12, Senior Section – no required adult to child ratio but there must be at least two adults present, which there will be.

Please adhere to Girlguiding rules and regulations.


Are tents provided?

No you will need to bring your own tents or arrange to borrow some from another Unit.


Do Girlguiding have exclusive use of the camping area?

Yes we do.


Will there be anywhere to store equipment during the Sunday prior to us leaving for home?

Yes, there will be a marquee available to store equipment.


What about staying in a holiday home?

The costs are girls £45 plus accommodation, Leaders within ratio £35 plus accommodation, Leaders outside of ratio and Trefoil Guild members £45 plus accommodation. This price includes entrance fee to the park and zoo for two days, Saturday evening buffet tea and entertainment, breakfast on Sunday and an event badge.  Holiday home accommodation £125 per holiday home – it is at your discretion as to how you wish to split the holiday home fees.


How many does the holiday home sleep?

The holiday home offers accommodation for 6 people and comprises 1 double bed and two twin rooms. Most of the holiday homes have step entrances but a limited number have a ramp access, please let us know if you would need a ramp access for your group.


What are the ratios for staying in a holiday home?

Assuming full capacity, ratio should be 2 adults and 4 girls for Brownies and Guides, Members of the Senior Section may not require Leaders but if over 18s and under 18s share sleeping areas, there must be at least two over 18s present.


What time can campers and holiday home occupiers arrive?

From 8am on the Saturday morning. Please book in at the campsite and you will be shown where to pitch your tents before you go into the park.  There is an option for Leaders to pitch tents on the Friday evening if they wished to – please let us know if you will be taking up this option.  Holiday home check in will be 12.00 although the holiday homes may be available earlier (we can arrange somewhere for bags to be stored if necessary until access is available to your holiday home).


Do you provide lunch on Saturday or Sunday for those camping or in a holiday home?

No, you will need to either bring a packed lunch or buy food at one of the many outlets at lunchtime. We will provide a Saturday evening buffet tea and breakfast on the Sunday only.


Do Leaders need to hold a residential qualification?

No but if you do hold a qualification please let us know so that we can ensure we have the correct number of licence holders for the number of girls in each Section.


Are there any ‘extras’ available?

Yes, we have been offered a limited number of behind the scenes tours in the zoo on Saturday evening for members of the Brownies, Guides and Senior Section. We have also been offered animal encounter events for three groups of ten.  Places will be allocated through a draw for all those who have signed up in advance.  Information will be sent out soon after the closing date.


Guides and Members of the Senior Section staying overnight have been offered sessions in the swimming pool and water play area on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. The North East England team will have enough adults in the pool and pool side to supervise this activity so Leaders do not have to attend with them.


Participants 18 and over will have full use of the spa facilities within the leisure complex free of charge during their stay.


Once I have placed an order can I add to it?

Yes, so long as tickets are available, you just need to place another order for additional tickets.


What time does the event end?

You can leave at any time each day, there is no set end time. The park will probably close between 5-6pm (to be confirmed nearer the time) on each day.  Leaders do have the option to leave the tents up and collect them during the Monday if they wish to – please let us know if you will be taking up this option.  Neither Flamingo Land or Girlguiding North East England will be held responsible for any tents put up on the Friday or left until the Monday although there will be leaders on site on the Friday night and possibly the Sunday night.


What is the Flamingo Fling challenge?

This is to be launched in the new year. It is a challenge badge for everyone whether or not units decide to come to Flamingo Fling.  If you come to the event then there will be activities you can do at Flamingo Land to finish the challenge but you can get the badge without coming to the event.  Badges may not be available until Easter time but units can start working on the challenge as soon as they wish.  Hopefully the event badge and the challenge badge will fit together but also work independently if you only do one of them.


Is there any get together at Flamingo Land and are any Guiding VIP’s visiting?

Each day we will have a set time when we will have a get together – we will offer the same get together over both days so day visitors will not miss out and overnighters get two chances in case they are in ride queues on one of the days. Sally Illsley, the Deputy Chief Guide is certainly joining us and we are awaiting confirmation from the Chief Guide.  We are also hoping Flossie the Flamingo will be joining us over the weekend!

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