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Recruitment and Retention Resources

Flexible Guiding

Holiday Guiding – a guide:  Holiday Guiding

Case study and sample programmes from Girlguiding Gloucestershire’s successful Holiday Brownies pilot:  Holiday Brownies Case Study

Multi Section Poster in alternative languages

We have two posters available for use at recruitment events or for local recruitment drives, translated into Polish and Arabic. The original poster in English is available from the Girlguidng Online Print Centre.

Download the Multi Section Poster in Arabic

Download the Multi Section Poster in Polish

Email signatures

Top Tip – set up an email signature to promote Girlguiding

Email Signatures to promote Girlguiding

Enquirer Log in – Join Us

The ‘Enquirer Log in’ development launched on 27 April 2016.

All enquirers are now provided with the link to login and manage their record.  The login means that enquirers are able to change their contact information and/or preferred unit or ask a question about their enquiry once every 21 days. The level’s main contact will receive a notification email if a question has been raised.

If you have any questions, please contact your County Join Us Coordinator or email

Enquirer Login Help File

Enquirer LogIn FAQs – Volunteers



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