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International trips

International trips can be run at any level within Guiding from unit level to national level. As a region we run several trips each year which are tailored to our members providing challenging service projects and community work.

These are the different types of international events we organise:

• International Community Experience (ICE) is for Guides aged 11-13 years. This gives girls their first taste of what international travel within Guiding can offer them. The five day project takes place internationally and has been carried out in previous years in Ireland and Jersey. The team carry out volunteering work mixed in with fun activities.

International Service Projects are for Rangers aged 14 plus and are usually long haul trips. They are based on working as a team to complete a service project whilst experiencing a new destination and culture alongside building life skills. Opportunities are also available for leaders to take part in these projects.

If you are interested in finding out more information about international trips at any level or would like to take part in a region run international trip and or have girls who would be interested, you need to attend the World of Opportunities weekend.

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