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Durham University Essay Competition

This is an opportunity which we’ve been made aware of for Rangers in the region.

Durham University Economics Society (DUES) are excited to announce the official launch of our 2021 DUES Economics Essay Competition sponsored by the online study resources provider tutor2u! The competition is open to all students in the final two years of secondary education interested in economics, regardless of whether they have studied economics or not.

Students can simply answer one of the following questions, within a limit of 1500 words and get a chance to win fantastic prizes:
1. With reference to at least one country of your choice, evaluate the effectiveness of central banks’ mitigatory efforts in the COVID-19 pandemic.
2. Should vaccine development and distribution be left to the private sector, public sector, or both? Discuss.
3. Evaluate the effectiveness of a wealth tax in fighting inequality.
4. Discuss the current environmental policy challenges with regards to the renewables sector.
5. Assess whether continued technological innovation and the emergence of the digital economy will benefit developing countries.

Competition experience can make a great addition to university applications and CVs. There are fantastic prizes up for grabs, with the top prize being £450 collectively to the student and school as well. The deadline is 25 April 2021 at 11:59pm GMT.

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