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Camp Teams

The organisers for the regional calendar highlight, Flamingo Fling, are recruiting teams to oversee the campsite.

Who: 4 groups of 6 leaders to be responsible for each of the sub camps for the overnight camp at Flamingo Land. Each group needs at least one person who holds a residential qualification for Guides and one person with experience of Brownie Camping.

When: From 5pm Friday (25 September) until 4pm Sunday – or when the last bus leaves, whichever is the sooner.

What will you do? In 2018 we had about 1500 people staying overnight, mostly camping so the camp teams each took a quarter of the field and were responsible for ensuring tents were pitched sensibly. They acted as a point of reference for inexperienced leaders who needed advice. Camp teams will be able to go into the park, but need to make sure that there are at least two people on their site all day Saturday and until 11am Sunday. As people begin to leave the site, the teams also need to be available to help campers to load their equipment and girls onto the buses.

What do you get? Camp teams will get free places for the event.

How to apply? Please email ‘’ by 9 April with your contact details and a brief description of why you would be suitable for the role.

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