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Event First Aid

The organisers for the regional calendar highlight, Flamingo Fling are recruiting a team to support units attending the camp with first aid needs.

Who: 6 leaders with a minimum of a First Response qualification. One person needs to be the lead volunteer for first aid onsite – please indicate if this is something you could do when you apply.

When: 2 people from 5pm Friday (25 September) until 3pm Saturday. 4 others arriving for 3pm on Saturday, on site until 11am Sunday when all campers should have left the site.

What will you do? You will be back-up first aiders for the overnight camp at Flamingo Land. Units will be responsible for their own first aid on the camp site, but if a leader needs additional support at any point you are there to help them Additionally, if a girl cannot find her leader when needed, they can come to you for help. If possible you will need to provide a suitable first aid kit which will be replenished for you as required after the event. You will also need to liaise with the rest of the team as to what other equipment you will each bring including a suitable tent for first aid.

What do you get? First Aid team members will get free place for the event

How to apply? Please email ‘’ by 9 April with your contact details and a brief description of why you would be suitable for the role.

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