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We have a team of volunteer advisers and co-ordinators who are available to help and support Leaders with different strands of the Girlguiding programme, using their knowledge and training.



Angie Goddard

We have a wonderful collection of badges, books and resources which are very rarely seen but are very useful at times to solve mysteries and provide information for events and displays. I receive lots of resources badges artefacts etc. to supplement our collection and update new badges and resources produced where economically possible.

Go Adviser

Susan Dickinson

I’m regional adviser for Girlguiding’s Guiding Organiser (GO), which is the database that allows our members and recognised volunteers to record and manage their guiding information. I offer support to Counties, Commissioners and Unit Leaders in using the Database to its full potential.  I can also offer one to one or group training either in person or via zoom, as well as dealing with queries via email.

Peer Education Adviser

Amy Solomons

My role is to support 14-25 year olds in North East England to become peer educators. Who deliver interactive sessions to Brownies, Guides and Rangers on issues that are important to them – Free Being Me (body confidence), Think Resilient (mental health), Breaking Free (gender stereotypes) and Safe the World (girls safety). I organise training sessions, support county coordinators to promote peer education in their area

Outdoor Adviser

Anne Esslemont

My role is to support county outdoor activity and residential advisers in giving advice on residentials and outdoor activities.  I would like every girl in the region to have the opportunity to participate in a range of outdoor experiences.  I would also like to identify suitable events and opportunities which cannot be done at county level which would work at a region level or across multiple counties so we can put these on.

Walking Adviser

Isabel Woodland

My role is to support and encourage walking throughout our region. We have a wealth of superb walking terrain in our region both from gentle strolls to challenging hikes so something for everyone and every age group. We offer a programme of training and assessment for Level 2 walking qualifications, and plan to expand that to include level 1. I am also always there to give advice on any aspect of walking.

International Community Experience (ICE) coordinator

Laura Harryman

My role gives Guides 11-13 years old the opportunity to attend a community based project trip. It’s ballot selected and allows Guides to explore their interests. In 2022 we’ll be traveling to Edinburgh for a week and our focus will be on sustainability. In future years, I hope to travel to other cities and continue to run climate friendly trips.

International Adviser

Liz Kelly

As Region International Adviser, I provide ongoing support to the County International Advisers keeping them fully informed of international opportunities.  Answer queries from Region, County or Division.  Support members undertaking Division, Unit international trips.  Set a calendar and budget of international activities and trip opportunities for the region, including selection.  Promote all aspects of international Guiding including social media.  Attend the national level international meetings.

Duke of Edinburgh Advisers

Helen Cook and Janet Cain

Hi, I’m Helen and I look after the administration for DofE I support county DofE advisers with questions about the award programme and work with the region office to support the enrolment process for girls who wish to complete their award. I also run meetings and training sessions for leaders who would like to be able to offer the DofE award to girls in their units. As part of my role, I also verify completed DofE awards within region and ensure badges and certificates are presented at a local level. If you would like to learn more about the DofE award, please do get in touch.

Hi, I’m Janet and I look after the expedition section of DofE.  This involves organising training, practice expeditions and qualifying expeditions at a region level.  These are open to any participant in the region to enable them to complete any level of the award if they do not have a group of peers or volunteers with the skills locally to do this. I am also available to support volunteers organising their own expeditions from unit level upwards with advice on any aspect of running the expedition section including routes, risk assessments and the approval process.

Leadership Qualification Adviser

Sue Lister

My role is to support County Leadership Co-ordinators and act as a ‘sounding board’ when any queries are raised about Leadership Qualification.

Membership Growth and Retention Coordinator

Alison Brown

PR Adviser

Jennifer Boynton

Inclusion Adviser

Becky Hutchinson

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