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Girlguiding North East England

The Chief Commissioner’s Award may be awarded to an active member or young person who deserves recognition for something special. This may be for an outstanding contribution within Girlguiding North East England, for service in the face of adversity, or displaying exceptional courage or initiative.

  • Counties can make an nomination using the application form below.
  • Application forms must be accompanied by supporting letters or recommendations which may come from both within and outside guiding. These should describe what the member did, how they did it and what the outcome was.  It is likely that there will need to be more than one citation to provide a full picture of the person.  The Thanks & Recognition group who consider the application are looking for the character and achievements of the nominee. It is suggested that there should not be more than four citations, though a citation may contain comments from more than one person.
  • Information must be supplied in recognition of the nominees’ impact on guiding at unit, district, division, county, region or country level as applicable.
  • Information must be supplied relating to the nominees’ range of influence which could include both within and outside guiding, if applicable and relevant to the nomination.
  • The group members base their judgement solely on the information in the supporting documentation.
  • Careful consideration is given to each application and decisions made by the Thanks & Recognition group are final, subject to ratification by the Chief Commissioner. The group chair will provide informal feedback to the proposer.

To nominate someone, please download and fill in the award nomination form:

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