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Press Release Templates

Local press coverage is an excellent opportunity to celebrate guiding and recruit new volunteers and young members. Below is a selection of templates which can be adapted and sent to local newspapers. Please always try to include a quote from a girl and a few lines about volunteering. The best way to send this is to paste it into the body of an email with a photo and the headline as the subject. For further help please contact your local PR adviser.

Promotional Materials

We have a number of promotional banners, flags and other PR resources available to borrow such as leaflets, posters and information booklets.

Please call or email the region office if you would like more information or to check availability of any of these items.

Leaflets are available from the Girlguiding Trading Services website, or you can customise a range of PR materials with your own county, division, district or unit’s name using the Online Print Centre on the national Girlguiding website.

You can also find #InspireGirls recruitment materials on the online print shop where you will be able to find social media images, flyers and posters for all sections. The region office has a stock of A5 #InspireGirls recruitment flyers. Please contact the region office to order some.

All counties should have their own recruitment package sent from HQ which you can borrow for you local event. Contact your county commissioner to borrow the recruitment package.

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