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Sleep Away Badge - 1 Sleep
Sleep Away Badge - 3 Sleep
Sleep Away Badge - 5 Sleep
Sleep Away Badge - 10 Sleep
Sleep Away Badge - 15 Sleep

Girlguiding North East England Sleep Away Badge

The badges can be awarded to any member for nights spent away on Girlguiding activities from a Rainbow sleepover in the local village hall to an international trip to one of the World Centres, and everything in between. We hope units will award the badges to both girls and leaders to acknowledge achievement from that scary first ever night away (at whatever age) to the higher number of nights away, as an acknowledgement and thanks for all the time that has been given to Girlguiding to achieve this.

Who can take part in the scheme?

Any member from Rainbows to adult members, and members of the Trefoil Guild.

The scheme was launched in the summer of 2016 and can be back dated to start from 1 January 2016. We appreciate many people will have done lots of nights away before this date but we needed a launch date which is the same for everyone and we hope leaders will accept this.

How many badges are there?

There are currently eleven badges available for the following numbers of nights: 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200.

How do we record sleep away nights?

An individual record card can be downloaded from here, along with a unit spreadsheet record.  How units choose to keep a record is up to them, and you are free to change the spreadsheet if you can think of a way you would prefer to use it. We just ask that unit leaders perhaps fill out an individual record card to give to a girl when she moves sections to be handed to the new leader.

How are sleep away nights verified?

Unit leaders are asked to record sleep away nights for girls in their unit. Adults and members of the Senior Section are asked to get another member of their unit or adult at an event to sign their record card.

What happens when I have completed 200 sleeps away?

In the future, once there is sufficient demand, we will look at adding further badges above the 200.

How much are the badges and where can we order them?

Badges are available to order from the Region shop.

Individual Record Card
Unit spreadsheet record

Sleep Away Badge - 25 Sleep
Sleep Away Badge - 50 Sleep
Sleep Away Badge - 75 Sleeps
Sleep Away Badge - 100 Sleeps
Sleep Away Badge - 150 Sleeps
Sleep Away Badge - 200 Sleeps

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