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This page is a place to collect activity ideas, advice and FAQs for running virtual, outdoor or socially distanced unit meetings. Share your ideas with us by emailing ‘’ or on social media!

HQ have put together spreadsheets with adaptations for Unit Meeting Activites and example programme plans for those who want to offer outdoor meetings, virtual meetings, a blended offer and for meetings with as few resources as possible. Find more details and download these resources from the HQ Adapting Programme Activities page.

In April we sent a survey about Return to Guiding to each unit main contact. The survey gave us a good picture of what guiding has been taking place across the region as well as the challenges volunteers are facing. The report linked below outlines the main findings and some resources and actions which we hope will help units as we move towards offering guiding for everyone.

Activities from region

50th birthday challenge badge

To celebrate the 50th birthday of our region we put together a challenge pack full of activities from each of our 17 counties. Some of these activities are suitable for virtual and socially distanced outdoor meetings so we hope they’re useful for units planning meetings. Download the challenge pack and check it out!

Local and Community History Challenge

May is Local and Community History month and we’ve created 10 prompts to get people thinking about the history of their local area, their family and the history of our guiding community but these could be completed any time. Some of these activities are based on interest badges from all sections.

Websites like Historic England and the National Archive have great guides on researching family and local history and you can search by postcode or keywords to search a database of listed historical buildings

Daily Challenges PDF

Photo Challenge

Last year lots of members around the region took photos each day based on a set of prompts. Have a go yourself or send this out to your unit and friends. Do share your photos with us and check out the album already on our Facebook page with all the amazing contributions we’ve already had!

PDF of Prompts

PDF of Contributions

Bake Off

Get your unit together for a bake off!

Creative Challenge: Plan, prepare, bake and present anything you like made from ingredients already in your kitchen!

Technical Challenge: Plan, prepare, bake and present some savoury or fruit scones, or some seasonal hot crossed buns. Websites like BBC Good Food have great, easy to follow recipes.

The Show Stopper: Plan, prepare, bake and present some biscuits, iced or decorated in an interesting way! Make sure you eat up each thing you bake, share your favourite recipes and your baking triumphs with us on social media if you would like.

Game Exchange

Why not have an activity exchange with your friends? You could draw an outline picture and email it to them to print out and colour in. You could write them a quiz, a crossword or a wordsearch. There are lots of websites where you can find templates for these activities.

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