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What is the 18-30 offer?

Girlguiding has almost 30,000 18-30 year old members, the biggest adult grouping by age, and over 98% of these young women are volunteers. For many people, the period between the ages of 18 and 30 is a time of significant change. The 18-30 offer has been designed recently to enable as many young people as possible to find their place within Girlguiding and the wider world. The aim is to expand the opportunities available to young women to develop and socialise as well as to promote a more flexible model of volunteering.  For more information, the main Girlguiding website has several pages to explore on the offer and the opportunities available for young women.

18-30 in the region

Meet your 18-30 region team! You can reach them by emailing ‘‘ and keep up to date on social media!

Hannah –18-30 coordinator for North East England

“I’ve been the region 18-30 coordinator since 2018 and I’m based in Sheffield where I work for a pharmaceutical consultancy. I like to travel so the next thing on my bucket list is an international trip with Girlguiding.”

Becky – Deputy region 18-30 coordinator

“I run a Rainbow, Brownie and Guide group and support at a Rangers group. Outside of guiding I work in a tea room supporting a local history site. I love to travel and am always looking for a new adventure, whether it be through Guiding or just with friends. One of the best places I’ve visited is Our Cabaña alongside Mexico City.”

Lucy – Deputy region 18-30 coordinator

“I run two rainbow units and I’m a member of my local Trefoil guild. I work for my local authority supporting over 18’s involved substance misuse, housing issues and domestic violence. I am also a keen baker and love to experiment in the kitchen with sweet and savoury! My favourite thing to bake has to be a Victoria sponge.”

Poppy- Social media and communications coordinator

“Alongside my 18-30 communications role I’m also a North East England trustee, a Brownie leader and Assistant Division Commissioner, as you can tell I like to keep busy! Outside of guiding I am just finishing my masters degree in Law before starting a job in corporate risk assurance. I also have my own part-time bakery.”

County coordinators:

The 18-30 offer also has a coordinator in each county. Below you’ll find the links to 18-30 social media channels where you can keep up with the offer in your area.

South Yorkshire: Instagram – Email:

West Yorkshire South:  Facebook – Instagram – Email:

North Yorkshire South:  Facebook – Instagram – Email:

West Yorkshire North:  Facebook

West Yorkshire West: Facebook – Email:

Durham South:  Facebook – Email:

North Yorkshire North East: Facebook

Northumberland:  FacebookInstagram – Email:

Keep up to date with the region team on social media!


The 18-30 Toolkit

The toolkit has been designed by 18-30 members to engage leaders and commissioners who can encourage young women to get involved. It comprehensively explains the offer’s aims, the seven pathways and how it can be put in to action at a local level as well as answering a number of frequently asked questions.

Wide game planning

This wide game planning document has been designed by the 18-30 team to help out those who might want some advice before running a wide game.

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