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Where in the world could you go?

In 2019 the region saw trips to…Ireland, Canada, Bermuda, Nepal and the USA. If travelling internationally with Girlguiding North East England interests you, come along to a World of Opportunities weekend!

What’s it all about?

World of Opportunities is your gateway to discovering the many ways you could experience Girlguiding internationally. From this weekend, you’ll be given the chance to meet other Guides and Rangers from across the region and you’ll work together to complete tasks. After this weekend you’ll have made new friends, learnt new things and you may be invited to participate in one of our trips! If you’re 11-13 years old, an International Community Experience trip, or there’s the selection process for longer distance trips if you’re older.

Who’s it for?

The weekend is full of international opportunities is for all girls aged 10+.

World of Opportunities

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