Bursaries and grants

It is Girlguiding North East England policy to subsidise, wherever possible, region-run events and training courses to make it fair and equitable to the benefit of all members who take part.

The region aims to budget for events on a break-even basis, as per our Events Finance Policy.

Where an event or training course has been subsidised by region, bursaries and grants will not be available from region.  This will be made clear at the point of booking.

Qualifications Bursary.

Adult members can apply to region for a qualifications bursary, which will contribute to funding training for qualifications, which will help them support the region’s current strategic priorities.

For example, to increase the number of people in the region who can offer adventurous outdoor activities to our girls and young women.

It is expected that the individual will investigate other sources of funding, including at unit, district/division, and county level, as appropriate, before applying to region for a bursary.

The bursary will be 50% of the total cost, or £100, whichever is lower. 

Usually only one bursary will be given per person, per qualification or level of qualification.

If you also need this qualification for voluntary roles with other organisations, it is expected you will ask them to cover a proportion of the cost.

You will be asked to list any upcoming guiding training or events where you will use the qualification.  This information is to help the region adviser or commissioner assess its validity.

To apply for a qualifications bursary:

  • You may apply for a bursary by completing the Bursary Application Form.
  • You must read the accompanying information included on the form before completing the application.
  • You must obtain the support of your local commissioner for your application and ask them to complete the application form.
  • The application will be assessed by the relevant region adviser or commissioner, who will make a recommendation to the Finance and Risk Committee for approval.

International Grants.

Guiding Overseas Linked with Development (GOLD)

Participants and leaders of GOLD trips who have a current guiding role within North East England may apply for a grant towards the trip.

To apply for a grant, please write to the Region Chief Commissioner requesting assistance, via the region office

Other International Trips & Events.

The region does not provide grants to those requesting support on other international trips or events, for example, those arranged by counties.

Other Grants.

At region we occasionally receive grants from HQ and other external sources for specific purposes.  In this event, the information is passed onto County Commissioners for sharing. 

If you need help with a grant, for example, if you are setting up a new unit, please contact your local Division Commissioner to request support.


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