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Thanks and Recognition


At Girlguiding, it is important to say a huge thank you to our amazing volunteers and to recognise their generous work within all our units and divisions. Without them, guiding simply wouldn’t be possible. Girlguiding has several ways of saying thank you to its thousands of volunteers. Volunteers automatically receive the service awards for the years of service they provide.  The first award is given after they have been a volunteer for five years.

There are many ways in which you can show your appreciation to volunteers, Unit Helpers or supportive parents. Another way of showing your appreciation can be through nominating them for an award. For those volunteers who provide outstanding service nominations can be made by their peers. This can be done regionally and nationally.

Awards offered at North East England:

Awards offered at a national level include:

For further information regarding the national Girlguiding awards visit the Thanks and Recognition page on the Girlguiding website.

If you are not sure which award to nominate someone for you can first complete and submit the Proposed Award Application. This will be reviewed by the region thanks and recognition group, who will contact you to discuss which if any awards would be relevant.

Supporting information to help you put together an award nomination can be found here:

If you have any questions about the region or national awards please contact us.

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