Young Leaders.

Young Leader.

It’s time to take the lead and inspire girls!

If you’re aged 14-17 and want to level up your leadership skills, get a qualification and have an amazing time, then being a young leader is the perfect role for you. Don’t worry if you haven’t done any volunteering before – you can jump right in and we’ll support you all the way!

What will I do?

Being a young leader is a wonderfully varied role but you will:  

  • Go to weekly unit meetings and help girls to do activities from the Girlguiding programme 
  • Get weird and wonderful ideas from the girls that you can bring to life as activities or events 
  • Plan and run fun activities and games, adapting them to the needs of the whole group 
  • Make sure everyone feels welcome and support less confident girls to get involved 
  • Share your own skills, experiences, and ideas to inspire others 
  • Attend and help organise exciting events, from day-long trips to sleepovers or whole weekends of fun 
  • Be a role model for younger girls – someone they can look up to, and who can bridge the gap between the adults running the unit and the young members taking part.   

You can do almost everything that the adult leaders in the group do!  

Other opportunities

Once you’re a young leader, there are lots of other opportunities you can do as a member of Girlguiding: 

  • Become a peer educator – learn how to deliver sessions for other groups in your area about important topics like self-esteem, mental wellbeing and challenging gender stereotypes.  
  • Join Rangers – this is for girls aged 14-18. Love the badges and activities that the girls in your unit do, and want some of that for yourself? Find out if there is a Ranger unit in your area and get involved. 
  • Join a national youth panel – have your say on how Girlguiding is run, our offer for young volunteers, and important causes close to your heart. Our youth panels recruit once a year at various times, so keep an eye out on the website for more information.  
  • Complete the Queen’s Guide Award (from age 16) – this is highest award you can achieve in guiding if you’re up for the challenge!    
  • Have a go a the Duke of Edinburgh’s award.
  • When you turn 18, you can take on an adult role, such as a unit helper, train to become a leader, or join our Inspire network for 18-30-year-olds.  

For more information, the main Girlguiding website has a page all about Young Leaders.


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